Chick's Cabin
$70 per night, $400 per week   
Sleeps 6
Private Bathroom / Shower
Kitchen Sink / Cabinets 
Refrigerator / Microwave
Air Conditioner / Electric Heat
Coffee Pot / Dishes
Toad's Cabin
$90 per night, $650 per week
Sleeps 10
Bunk  House with 5 sets of bunk beds
Air Conditioning
Electric Heat
Ceiling Fan
Full-sized Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Pot
Bath House in close proximity
Included in all cabin rentals are: 
-swimming pool
-restaurant style kitchen
-BBQ area
-trash disposal.
Vinny's &  Kitty's Cabins
are identical floor plans

$90 per night
Sleep 8
 (weekly and monthly rates not available for these cabins)
Air Conditioning / Heat
Full Bathroom / Shower
Full-Sized Refrigerator
Microwave & Coffee Pot
Small Front Porch
First Aid Cabin

$50 per night
Sleeps 3
Small Table and First Aid Cabinets 
Air Conditioning / Heat
Refrigerator, Coffee Pot 
Bath House in close proximity

Penny's Place

$50 per night, $300 per week
Sleeps 4
Small Table and Floor Lamp
Air Conditioning / Heat
Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Pot 
Bath House in close proximity

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