Hunting Packages
"Social Distancing" is our specialty. ​

  Hunting Packages are offered for the following game animals: Iranian Red, Mouflon, and Auodad sheep; Axis & Whitetail  deer; and Rio Grande turkey -- all free range on the ranch.  
This non-guided experience is wonderful as you hike/hunt in the solitude of these natural surroundings, offering your best cover.  


​All hunting packages include your lodging in a cedar cabin
or a historic home.  You have access to the deer cleaning 
station / freezer / Activity Center kitchen /
swimming pool.  There is no additional
charge for guests, not carrying a gun.  This 
rugged hunting experience is an adventure and 
tests your skill.  It's a memory worth telling.

$100 = 1 day "youth" Rio Grande turkey hunt 
$360 = 2 day Rio Grande turkey hunt, adult   
$700 - $900 = 2 day whitetail deer hunt 
                      doe = $700    buck = $900        
$1,500 = 3 day exotic sheep hunt package                 
                       Exotic Sheep are classified as:             
                       Aoudad, Iranian Red, Mouflon
$1,000 - $2,000 = 3 day axis hunt
                     doe = $1,000    buck = $2,000

2018 had an 88% success rate.  
100% of the hunters saw them.  
2019 no hunting packages available.

Come prepared for a beautiful hunting experience.
Prepare for success!
To book a hunt:
Call 830-395-2288

"7 Month Lease in the Zone of your choice"

This lease offers the zone hunters exclusive hunting rights in their zone, (see map below), as well as exclusive use of one cabin from September 1st - March 31st.  All zone hunters have access to the Activity Center kitchen and dining facility, the beautiful swimming pool, any of the BBQ pits around the cabins, the Deer Cleaning Station, and the Redi Ice Freezer for storage of your harvest.  Each zone is separately priced, due to its acreage, terrain, habitat, and animals available for harvest.  All leases are secured upon approval by landowner, Kathy Mueller, receipt of full payment and signing of Hunting Lease & Release of Liability Waiver.    


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