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HISTORIC TOUR:   $15 per person, 
1900's  Tour of Historic Watering Sources 
"It's all about the water"....Plan for an hour and a half guided tour - consists of visiting two historic sites on the ranch: 
1900's Cistern - In good condition, this cistern harvested rain water from the original McKenna homestead located along the Dry Devil's River.  
The site of the first water harvested from the deep.  This is a fascinating tour of the epic discovery and harvest of spring water from 130ft below the surface.  You will appreciate the history of the vital need to provide water for the original  homesteaders and their successful sheep and goat operation between 1900-1968.

BIRDING:   $20 per person
This SELF-GUIDED tour is a most interesting experience, sitting in a bird blind or taking a walk down a unimproved ranch road through arroyos, canyons, and thick oak trees where the turkey roost.  Good walking shoes and binoculars strongly suggested.  Potential walking length: 1 mile.  

HIKING TOURS:   $10 per person
Fossil Falls -- an hour and 30 minute walk -- Your guide will cross the beautiful Dry Devil's River to a deep canyon, where a special tributary exhibits hundreds of sea fossils embedded in the rocks of the scaling tributary.  Guests are allowed to hunt for arrowheads and fossils and crystals and explore God's creation along the way.
Eagle Bluff Cliff Dwelling -- an hour and 30 minute tour -- Your guide will take you across the beautiful Dry Devil's River to an Indian dwelling where the Apache's lived some 3,000 years ago.  This tour takes you to the top of the cliffs where the Indians cooked their food and lived.  The views are beautiful and the experience delightful.  Good shoes are required.  

WALKING TOURS:   $5 per person
Dry Devil's River Fossil Hunt -- under an hour tour -- $5 per person, children under 6 years old, free.  Your guide will take you a beautiful sea of white rocks, where the floodwaters have rounded these white limestone rocks into smooth beautiful treasures to display.  A favorite tour for children!  Every person is allowed to take as many rocks as they can carry.  Examples: heart rocks, rocks with holes in them, rocks with fossils/plant life, crystals, petrified wood, etc..."This is a fun tour!"

​RIFLE RANGE:   $20 per person
Located at the McKenna Ranch caliche pit, this is a safe place for any hunter, 18 years and older, to sight in his/her rifle.  This area is only available upon request and permission by landowners and only if no hunters are hunting in this area at the time.  No rapid fire allowed; only to practice handgun or rifle.  Call 830-395-2288, ask for Kathy or Josiah.