McKenna Ranch is located off of Hwy 277, only 45 miles north of Del Rio, exit Dolan Creek Road.  
Look for Dolan Creek Road on the west side of the highway, 3 miles north of Loma Alta country store. Follow the signs on Dolan Creek Road to the McKenna Ranch.  
If you use a  Garmin GPS for your navigation:   10929 South Dolan Creek Road , Del Rio,TX.  

 We're ready to accommodate your needs.  Stay in any one of our 9 cabins and enjoy a swim in our 50,000 gallon swimming pool, a hike, or just relax in the Activity Center and enjoy the historic displays.
Reservations by phone. :  830-395-2288
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May you see God's Hand in all things 
and in all things give Him Glory.
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